Monday, December 8, 2008

Quantum Physics: Finite Barrier Quantum Well, Britney Spears guide to Semiconductor Physics
By Jove, I knew Brittney Spears was smart, but a Quantum Physicist--I am waiting for the rap music, complete with sexy quantum foam, black holes and a singularity point.

She lectures now on the Quantum-Well, and as President Reagan used to say...."Welllllll...thats a deep subject.
Learn now what that Doctorate from Berkeley, UC
A little review for those who have forgotten abut Schroediner's Cat and quantum consciousness.

Britney lectures are too deep for most of us as the ' NATIONAL INTRUDER" has just uncovered,she has not one, not 2 but 3 Doctorates in Quantum Physics, (berklety/uc), (switzerland, the first real internet site; which Al Gore, M.B.A. (harvard did not invent) and from the Cantubury College of Advanced Studies (Saraota, fl 34236--World arts and science of art capital) and Ball State U, in Muncie in ( in sub atomic particle neutrion theory). How can we mortals with our average Princeton, Yale and MIT degrees keep up. Read on.

And as her hair is growing back we find John Baez (joans's brother, I do not know, but I liked her music)... finds more fuel for the 10th dimension of space. Time, Time, what have you done to me (in only 2 dimensions)

Sorry Brit is calling with some breaking alerts on the south Miami --Arts Basel art celebration with news on quantum art by David Gonya,, and
have to go: Qu U later. cantubury

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